Blackjack Myths Revealed

We have all tried blackjack before, at least for fun with your friends and family. As one of the easiest to understand games and common games on the Internet, many of us think that we can handle the game well. However, there are some myths surrounding blackjack that deserve attention. You may have heard most of it before and regarded […]

4 Simple Strategies That Matter Most For Blackjack Games

Like all casino games, the rules of the blackjack game are still favor the house. If you play the cards exactly according to the dealer’s playing method. Such as, you will stand at 17 points, and continue to hit if it is less than 16 point, obviously the house has not much advantage from you. You and the dealer have […]

6 Winning Tips for Blackjack

A quick and easy winning tips for blackjack If the dealer’s hand is 6 or less, you must stand when you get 13 to 16 points. If the dealer’s hand is 10, you should keep hitting until you get 17 points or more. When you get 17 points or more, you must stand. When you get any two combinations of […]

4 Variants of Blackjack

Many variants of blackjack games are played in online casinos. The following will briefly go through 4 of the popular types. Double Exposure Blackjack Similar to the standard blackjack, but the dealer’s receives first two cards face-up. In order to maintain the house edge, the players will lose all ties to the dealer except blackjacks. However, the payout to the […]

3 Common Mistakes for Blackjack Beginners

The house has a slight edge in blackjack over the players. This is because the players have to complete their hand first and they might bust out before the dealer even draws a card. Nevertheless, the players can even the odds if they avoid the following 3 common mistakes. Splitting 10s A hard total of 20 from a pair of […]

How to Play Blackjack

The game of blackjack uses a standard 52-card deck. However, many casinos use several decks shuffled together to eliminate bias and card counting. The objective of the game is straightforward which is to beat The Dealer. In order for you to beat the dealer, you must drawing a hand value higher than the dealer or dealer drawing a hand value […]