4 Variants of Blackjack

4 Variants of Blackjack

Many variants of blackjack games are played in online casinos. The following will briefly go through 4 of the popular types.

Double Exposure Blackjack

Similar to the standard blackjack, but the dealer’s receives first two cards face-up. In order to maintain the house edge, the players will lose all ties to the dealer except blackjacks. However, the payout to the players will be 1 to 1 if they draw blackjack. Another interest rule is doubles do not allow after splits.

Blackjack Switch

Mainly popular in online casinos. Basically it is the same as conventional blackjack, but two hands are played at a time with a total of 4 cards. The second card in each hand can be swapped. Example: The first card is 3 and 5, and the second is 10 and 4. You can choose to swap 5 and 4. The dealer still wins with 22 points against all non-busted hands. Its card swap advantage makes the odds low, no matter which hand it wins, it is only 1:1, but the house advantage is pretty low.


Pontoon is played in British and Commonwealth countries with single 52-card decks. The stand is called stick, the hit is twist, and the double bet is buy. Players must have at least 15 points or more to be able to stand, otherwise they must add a card. If the player keeps hitting and there are 5 cards in his hand and not busted, the player will be paid at least 2 times the bet. This situation is called Five Dragons, also known as Five Card Trick or Charlie, which consists of five cards and does not exceed 21 points. A tie is considered a winner by the dealer.

Spanish 21

Generally, 6 or 8 decks of cards are used, each with only 48 cards and no cards with a face value of 10, but the gameplay is basically the same as ordinary blackjack. The players will win with 21 points or blackjack if their hands are tied with the dealer. Players can double bet any card at any time, and can also split the cards 3 times and the cards can be split with the same face value. After a pair of aces is scored, the player can still hit and double bet. However, the player can still surrender their hands and loses half of the bet. The odds for 5 cards up to 21 points are 2 to 3, 6 cards to 2 to 1, and 7 or more cards to 1 to 3. It does not apply to double betting or splitting mixed suits of 6, 7, 8 or 3 7s.