4 Simple Strategies That Matter Most For Blackjack Games

4 Simple Strategies That Matter Most For Blackjack Games

Like all casino games, the rules of the blackjack game are still favor the house. If you play the cards exactly according to the dealer’s playing method. Such as, you will stand at 17 points, and continue to hit if it is less than 16 point, obviously the house has not much advantage from you. You and the dealer have as high a chance of winning. However, the house will still end up as the winner more often that not due to the fact that you are still a loser if you and the dealer both burst at the same hand. Taking into account the odds of getting blackjack, the house’s advantage will be calculated to be approximately 5.5%. This means that if you play blackjack for a long time, you will lose 5.5% of your money.

Nevertheless, the basic strategies for blackjack revolve around the fact that there are more cards with less than 10 points in a deck than other cards. 16 of the 52 cards are 10 points cards. Players always assume that the dealer’s second card is 10 points may not be the case. If the dealer shows two, three, four, five or six for the face-up card, then he is likely to burst. 5 points and 6 points are most likely to cause the dealer to burst. In this case, players don’t have to take a big risk to get close to 21 points, risking them to burst.

If the dealer shows seven points or higher in the first card, the player can be a bit more aggressive than usual provided the player’s hand is less than 18 points. In this case, the dealer’s hand is most likely end up getting 18, 19, 20 or blackjack.

There are four simple rules to determine when to hit and when to stand. If your hand is less than or equal to 11 points, you should hit a card because you won’t burst no matter what. If the card in your hand is 17 points or more, and the dealer’s card is less than or equal to seven points, the stand is the right strategy because the risk of burst is greater than hitting a small number card. If your hand is between 12 and 16 points, and the dealer is less than 7 points, the dealer is likely to burst and the stand is certainly a correct move. Although this is not a good hand, if the dealer bursts, you will still win. There is one exception. If the dealer shows two or three points and yours is 12, continue to hit is your most logical move. If your hand is between 12 and 16 points, and the dealer shows seven points or more, you should hit the next card. If you do not continue to hit, the dealer’s hand is very likely to be better than yours. In this case you have no choice but to take the risk even the chances to get burst is higher.

There are many strategies for players to employ when come to a blackjack game. Some tactics can be very complicated, but these four simple rules are still widely used by many players today.